No need to worry about first impressions here

It’s not about how we look at you,
but about who you want to become

Your new colleagues
9 of 10
us their best
employer so far
join the team
every year
Feel they are
making something


Want to be
Wish to make
an impact
Need to be
Want to feel


Have projects that only
the most clever people can resolve
Deliver results that are
visible to thousands of people
Take on tasks that cannot be solved
by thinking within the box
Have competent colleagues and
a family-like attitude
Artis Plēsums
Aluminium Factory Manager
“Skonto Plan is a quickly growing company with good development options. Most of all, what I value at this company are my motivated and responsive colleagues.”
On the Skonto Plan team for 14 years
Iveta Kodola
Senior Procurement Specialist
“I am very happy to have seen the company grow so quickly over the years! I appreciate the opportunity to have grown alongside these developments.”
On the Skonto Plan team for 18 years
Roberts Dakša
Assistant Production Engineer
“I like working at Skonto because there is a huge potential for growth if you can prove yourself. Here they have competitive salaries alongside a cohesive team—it’s enjoyable work and the jobs go smoothly.”
On the Skonto Plan team for 6 years
Agrita Vingre
Design Project Manager
“Working here, every project and every workday is unique. My knowledge and experience improve every day. The greatest perk is the co-workers, who share their experience and are always prepared to provide support.”
On the Skonto Plan team for 5 years
Artis Ābrams
Deputy Metal Products Factory Manager
“Skonto Plan is a stable working place that is focused on development and growth. Staff have the opportunity to prove themselves, and if you are ready to take on responsibilities then the management shows their appreciation with interesting job offers and appropriate pay. For me, benefits are also important, and this workplace provides me with them.”
On the Skonto Plan team for 15 years
Andris Kazainis
Head of Design
“I like the challenges that I face during each project. From the outside, all of them may seem the same, but they are not. This is what makes working at Skonto Plan perfect for my professional growth.”
On the Skonto Plan team for 8 years
Dāvis Ziners
Head of Production
‘’Since joining Skonto Plan as a Project Manager back in 2013, I have continuously evolved alongside the company. I have had the opportunity to work with complex projects in Latvia, Germany, Denmark and the United Kingdom.’’
On the Skonto Plan team for 10 years

Feel like you would fit in?